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Documenta Sur

Taller Chullima, Cuba, September 2018

In 2018 I co-managed and produced, jointly with the ‘Scenic Laboratory of Social Experimentation’ (LEES) and ‘Goethe Institute’ a program for the development of live arts in Cuba. It was a space that promotes exchanges with national and international creators with extensive experience in these art forms.

The programme was delivered in a range of formats including: conferences, exhibitions, workshops, performances, excursions and the facilitation of community dialogue among others.


Guests: Mateo Feijo (Naves Matadero, Madrid), David Marín (Nau Ivanow, Barcelona), Cristina Anglada (El Graner, Barcelona), Joachim Gerstmeier (Siemens Foundation, Germany), Martine Dennewald (curator Festival Theaterformen, Hannover), Adriana Urrea (Mapa Teatro, Colombia), Celine Coutable (La Serre. Artes vivas and OFFTA. Festival des Arts vivants (Montreal. Québec).

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