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Havana Design Workshop

Taller Chullima, Cuba, June 2018

I co-managed and produced an international design workshop and exhibition where we brought together creatives from Cuba, the United States and Europe to work together for a week under the central concept of ‘forced creativity’. The challenge was to experiment with specific stimuli provided within workshops to produce collaborative pieces.


Participants included: Daniela Friedman, Raiko Valladares (sindrome studio) Michel Aguiar, Lorenzo Anasagasti, Jose Capaz, Sergio Armando Díaz, Mayelin Guevara, Nadia Medina & Paco Menéndez (Own manufacture), Idania del Río, Carilyn de la Vega & Carlos Pérez (Guajiro studio), Celia Ledón, from CUBA; Amandine Langlois & Jeremie Triaire (Premice and co) from FRANCE, Carlos Matos & Lucas Cantú from MEXICO, Aleksandra Pollner, Jean Lee & Dylan Davis (Ladies & Gentlemen Studio) and Chris Stuart from EE.UU, Lex Pott from NETHERLANDS, David Sierra and Chris Wolston from COLOMBIA.

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